Johnny and the Dead

Task 1: Copy these sentences in the correct order they come up in the play.

a) The boys hear the Dead on the radio phone-in.
b) Yo-less says that « It’s just history. It’s got nothing to do with now. »
c) We learn that Alderman Bowler built a memorial horse trough.
d) Johnny visits the old folks’ home and discovers Tommy Atkins is a resident.
e) Johnny finds a picture of the Pals. Under each name is a cross, showing who had died.
f) We learn that Stanley Roundaway scored the greatest number of own goals in the history of any sport.
g) Tommy Atkins had warned the nurse that when he died, people would forget about the First World War.
h) The boys look through newspapers to research the Dead.
i) Addison Vincent Fletcher invented a new type of telephone.
j) Wobbler thinks the Dead were not important because they weren’t famous.
k) The boys are shocked to learn that all except one of the Blackbury Pals were killed.
l) Eric Grimm insists the Dead should not leave the cemetery.
m) The boys are afraid they have been wrong giving the Dead the radio.
n) When the Blackbury Pals are mentioned, we are shown what Johnny is thinking.
o) Yo-less likes very traditional English music.
p) Sadly, he died the day before Johnny arrived.
q) The Dead are amazed at how much news they have missed.
r) The Dead decide to telephone a radio phone-in to talk about their worries.

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