Lord of the Flies – Symbolism

Below is a summary of the work we did today. If you’re interested in Freud, there is plenty to read here.

1) Death of Piggy and Destruction of Conch: Failure or breakdown of society on the island.
2) Plane Crash: Failure or breakdown of society in the world outside; spread of corrupting ideas.
3) Forest Scar: This path of destruction through the forest, caused by the crashing plane, appears to represent the encroachment of corrupt civilization on the pristine island.
4) Island: Before the arrival of the boys, the Garden of Eden; after the arrival of the boys, the corrupted world of humankind.
5) Conch: Civilized authority, democracy.
6) Eyeglasses of Piggy and Piggy Himself: Insight, wisdom, knowledge.
7) Signal Fire: Hope.
8) The Beast: Fear, superstition. (The boys imagine that a monster in the form of a snake, a sea monster, an ape, or other “beasties” that they dream about lurks nearby.)
9) Chanting and Dancing of the Hunters: Blind emotion, loss of reason.
10) Logs on Which Ralph and Jack Sit: Seats of authority; thrones.
11) The Killing of the Second Pig, the Sow: Release of perverted, Oedipal urges.
12) Knife, Spears: Weapons of war in the macrocosmic world; phalluses as representations of masculine aggression.
13) Jack: Unchecked authority – Man’s savagery
14) Ralph: The drive for reason and thought
15) The Lord of the Flies: The evil in every person’s heart.

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