I’m tinkering with the blog a little bit and hope to make some more interesting changes over the next couple of weeks.

For now, as you can probably see (unless your browser has issues with Flash players and such), I’ve embedded a clip over on the right of the screen. I’ll try to embed more videos like this as time goes on. These are intended just to be interesting, not necessarily to do with school or schoolwork.

However, and here is where you can take part in the blog more fully, if you have found any good clips, whether they are work-related or just something fun, please email me the URL (their web-address) and I’ll try and put them up here so all the blog’s readers can see them too.

On top of the clips, I’ve also added some boxes at the bottom that will allow you to link a blog article to Facebook, Bebo and so on. This way you can share work, and homework, with each other through your preferred social networking site.

Hope the holidays are going well for all of you.

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