Down’s Syndrome

Down’s Syndrome Facts

· Affects 1 in every 1000 births.
· Mental and physical handicap.
· Upward slanting eyes, flat nose, large tongue, “stubby” hands.
· 47 chromosomes instead of normal 46.
· Can affect anyone. Social or economic backgrounds do not affect it.
· Age is a big factor.
· 1,000 mothers aged 20 – 6 babies affected.
· 1,000 mothers aged 45 – 33 babies affected.
· Older mothers tested between weeks 16 and 18 of pregnancy.
· Given the option to abort.


· Say that your essay is going to look at the ethics of carrying out surgery on people with disability.
· Explain how often Down’s Syndrome occurs.
· Explain that some sufferers feel they have to have surgery to feel accepted.
· Say that your essay will try to discover if this is true or not.

Down’s Syndrome is a mental and physical disability that affects one in every one thousand births. Our society puts people under a lot of pressure to “fit in” and this is true of everyone. Consequently, people with disabilities often feel they have to have cosmetic surgery to look “normal”. Over the course of this essay I will try to show if this is true or not.Reasons for Down’s sufferers to have surgery.

Prevents name-calling, improves quality of life to younger sufferers.
Boosts self-confidence.
Gives peace of mind to parents.
Removes some social awkwardness.
Surgery is usually safe.
Some funding is available from the government (NHS).

Reasons for Down’s sufferers not to have surgery.

Only changes outward appearance.
All surgery carries a risk.
Is surgery for the child or the parent? (Power of attorney)
Causes confusion between appearance and mental ability.
Puts wrong emphasis on what needs to change.

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