Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery- Fact Sheet

1) Cosmetic surgery helps those who have been badly damaged in an accident or who have physical birth defects.

2) Plastic surgery is expensive. In the US, a facelift costs from $6,000 to $15,000.

3) Any surgery is potentially dangerous, including plastic surgery. Complications are rare but they do occur, ranging from scarring to fatalities.

4) Everyone is different. Some people do much better than others, even when treated by the same plastic surgeon.

5) With correct care and protection after surgery, most scars fade to become barely noticeable.

6) Plastic surgery might adversely affect the physiology of your skin and underlying tissues, speeding up the aging process.

7) Cosmetic surgery can help increase confidence and low self- esteem.

8) Minimally invasive plastic surgery reduces the aging process.

9) Cosmetic surgery tourism allows people to have operations at a cheaper price.

10) Plastic surgery may be particularly risky if you have certain health conditions (e.g. diabetes).

11) The redefining of features gives results that are generally permanent and need no future review.

12) It may take several weeks or months to recover from plastic surgery.

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