Blitzed – Letter to the Future

Imagine you are the main character (protagonist), George. After arriving in London from your school trip, you have spent a few days meeting people and getting to know Blitz London more closely than you ever could have imagined.

However, after looking around, you have started to believe that you will have to stay in London.

As such, you are going to write a letter to your parents in the future – they will miss you, after all.

You may wish to mention:

o Where you are, exactly
o Your address, the date
o Who you are with
o What is it like in the Blitz – food shortages/ rationing/ scared of the bombings/ shelters/ temperature/ attitude of the population/ unsure when it will end
o How you are feeling (physically)
o How he thinks he got there
o You can’t mention half of the things you know
o What has happened to him
– met the ARP men (Cheese Roll, etc)
– Living with Ma, etc.
– Rags the spy
– The death of Shrapnel
o Say what you are going to do – will you stay in the past?
o Tell them that you love them
o Tell them who Ma is – and they can speak to her

3 thoughts on “Blitzed – Letter to the Future

  1. Hey Mr Connor Its saffron here and I just wanted to know how many children there is in the shelter and what their names are. I also ca't quite rememeber how shrapnel died so could you tell me that please as well. I know you probabaly think I am really forgetful by now but I normally rememeber stuff. Thank you for your time. Thanks. See you on Thursday.


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